United Supreme Council NJ PHA

United Supreme Council NJ PHA
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Honorary Annual Dues

Pay Honorary Annual Dues


Past Active Annual Dues

Pay Past Active Annual Dues


Emeriti Annual Dues

Pay Emeriti Annual Dues


Active Annual Dues

Pay Active Annual Dues


Consistory ID Cards

Consistory Identification Cards


Consistory Initiation Package

Consistory Initiation Package to Include: Patents, Constitution, Rose Croix, Ceremony of Remembrance, Scottish Rite Instructions ABCs, U.S.C History Book, Harry E. Davis History Book, and the Prince Hall Counsellor


Charter Duplicates

Charter Duplicates (each)





Ceremony of Remebrance

Ceremony of Remebrance Booklet


U.S.C History Book

USC History Book


Harry E. Davis History Book

History Book


Prince Hall Counselor

History Book



When ordering patents, sent names of initiates & date of initiation (Patents can be ordered before date of initiation)